Deanx Achievers 2021

DeanX Academy

Basic to best

We are so proud and happy to introduce our rank holders to you all!

Heartly congratulations to our bright students and wishing you all the success in the future.

Name: -Dr. Aabid Naikoo


AIR: - 1

Name: -Dr. Shailesh Thummar


AIR: - 1




Feedback- I’ve opted for the grand test series and was in the daily mcq group. Daily mcqs helped me a lot during revision.

Name: -Dr. Faheem Ul Islam

Branch: - Urology

AIR: -16

Feedback: -Dean x urology lecture videos were extremely helpful.

Name: -Dr. Yuvraj

Branch: - Gastrosurgery

AIR: -18

Feedback: -Dean x helped me a lot

Name: -Dr. Sree Ganesh B

Branch: - Oncosurgery

AIR: -19

Feedback: - Deanx was of great help. Although wanted to give one feedback. I felt most of the GI questions in deanx was from SKF which was too much for onco aspirants. But overall, it helped me. Thanks...

Name: -Dr. Nitin Paighan

Branch: - Urology

AIR: -22

Feedback: -Nice collection of questions, I was a very ordinary student in the beginning. Some of my colleagues had left their duties just to study for a complete year and myself because of financial crunch had to work while studying. I used to get very little time to study, and somehow if I used to get, I would rather rest than to study. But since I joined the deanx academy, just overlooked the mcqs and started to enjoy the 10 marks tests, which was when I realized that where I stood in the competition and still it was a long way to go. But by the time of last test, I used to be in the top 3 most of the times. Though it didn't reflect the pattern of mcqs asked in neetss but surely it did boost my confidence.

Dr. Amarsinha Shingade

Branch: - Gastro

AIR: -27

Dr. Lakshit Tomar

Branch: - Gastrosurgery

AIR: - 28

Dr.. Sajid

Branch :- Urology


Feedback:- Test series help a lot

Dr. Arun

Branch: - Gastro

AIR: -30


Branch-Plastic Surgery


Feedback- Answer key should be much more accurate for the test series

Dr. Meet Kumar Dadga

Branch: - Urology

AIR: -33

Name: -Dr. Pranjal Sangole

Branch: - Gastrosurgery

AIR: -35

Feedback: -Your tests were amazing

Name: -Dr. Vivek Choudhary

Branch: - Urology

AIR: -40

Feedback: -Great thanks to Vipin sir...Been of great support and motivation from the beginning of this journey Attended the very first session, was really helpful to build the blocks of this journey. Thank you Vipin sir.

Name: -Dr. Ankan Ghosh

Branch: - Neurosurgery

AIR: -49

Feedback: -Good! Previous years questions should be discussed more.

Name: -Dr. Nandhini Vigneshwar

Branch: - Oncosurgery

AIR: -58

Feedback: -I have attended oncosurgery revision classes, sabiston updates, few general surgery classes. I have subscribed for general and onco q bank. Onco Revision classes were very useful covering important aspects of each topic in concise manner. Qbanks of both general and onco was very useful with detailed explanations covering most of the important topics which was of great use to revise in last week. Thank you Vipin sir for your constant support

Name: -Dr. Anuj Shah

Branch: - Onco Surgery

AIR: -94

Feedback: -Deanx has been the best help

Dr. Deeksha Mehta

Branch: - Onco

AIR: -66

Sir I am working at permanent post of Assistant professor in prestigious SMS medical college and hospital Jaipur since 2016. Due for associate next yr.! M married since 2011! My husband an interventional radiologist is also Assistant prof in Radiodiagnosis here in SMS itself and in addition he is also deputy medical superintendent of SMS!! We have 2 beautiful kids!

So, clearing this exam is just like my wildest Dr.eams coming true!  Deanx has played a great role in this by giving me a constant push through the last year which I think was most needed at my stage n age! 😊

I want to thank you all at Deanx from bottom of my heart...😌🙏

Name: -Dr. krishna kumar bhandari

AIR: -67

Branch: -Urology.

Feedback: -Thank u sir, thank u for guidance

Dr.  Kunal pisre



Feedback- Good MCQ bank ...helped a lot for last month revision

Name: -Dr. Lokender Yadav

Branch: - Urology

AIR: -77

Feedback: -All the topics were very well covered. Special attention given to the important points

Dr. Rohan Shankar



Feedback- Hard copies and concise notes in pdf...too extensive pdfs are their Videos are excellent

Name :- Dr. Chandana M S

Branch: - Gastrosurgery

AIR: -80

Feedback: -Dean x academy has helped a lot, thank you for constant support by vipin sir. Thanks for sabiston updates classes

Name: - Dr. Jay

Branch: - Urology

Rank: -83

Feedback: -"Vinay sir is awesome, daily dose of MCQs was very useful for guidance about high yield topics and kept me focused. I would solve 10 question tests on telegram daily of Uro,onco,gi and general and read topics covered by those questions daily.

Dr. Anuj sir and Dr. Manav sirs revision lectures helped in understanding which topics are asked repeatedly.

 Uro Radiology lecture by Dr. Athul sir was most informative Radiology lecture and was extremely helpful for getting basic understanding of all relevant topics. He made radiology easy for me.

I gave a lot of tests on the website and app both subject wise and grand tests to assess which topics i need to put more focus on.

 Saving the best for the last, Dr. Vipin sir was always available to personally clear my doubts. Entire team at deanx academy has been like my family, supporting me in my quest. "

Dr. Vinoth Prabu R

Branch:- Neurosurgery

AIR:- 94

Feedback:- Iam very grateful to Deanx academy...Thank you

Dr. MahenDr.a Biradar



Feedback:- Continue daily mcq dose.. Nc lectures

Name: -Dr. Parth Manek

Branch: - Urology

AIR: -111

Feedback: -Deanx Academy questions r really good n mock tests r gr8. But please change the mobile app/platform as can’t view all the answers after giving exam. Otherwise, worth recommending to friends n juniors.

Name: -Dr. Jeya Anand

Branch: - Gastro and Paediatric

AIR: -100/22

Feedback: -Best mock test series and live ranking. Very good explanation with proper reference from standard books.

Name: -Dr. Piyush Shukla

Branch: - Urology and Neurosurgery

AIR: -125/337

Feedback: - I really loved this platform NdI’m grateful to my senior Dr. Vipin Sharma, only suggestion from my side that I felt it needs to be adDr.essed - test should have detailed explanation for each question like snapshot of that Campbell page from where it is derived, second - questions framed by our faculty during end revision, should provide answer Nd explanation within 24 hrs for same.

Dr.. Madhur Gairola

Branch: -Neurosurgery

AIR: -131

Feedback: Best classes for general surgery and best test series for sure. For Urology the way sir teaches has no match, so conceptual and precise to the point that it's a joy to watch. Got neuro 131 and uro 730 rank and without Deanx, I think that wasn't possible. Sir, it will be a great help to us who are again planning to join deanx classes again for better rank few of us have left job and planning for neet ss in June. once again thank you sir and deanx

Dr. Shahnawaz Hussain

Branch:- Urology


Feedbac k:-Very good coaching,very nice set of questions they are having,good mentorship

Name: -Dr. Pankaj Kanti Dey

Branch: - Urology

AIR: -167

Feedback: -Test series and mainly daily doses of uro and general surgery helped me a lot in my preparation

Dr. Hari Shankar BGV



Feedback-DeanX is an inspiring and excellent platform for Neet ss. They kept candidates motivated with their high standards of questions and daily telegram questions.DeanX has played a vital role in keeping preparation going. Talented hard-working faculty. Thank you very much.

Deanx performance in one year


Rank Name
1 Shailesh Thummar
16 Dr. Faheem
22 Dr. Nitin
29 Dr. Sajid
33 Dr. Meet
35 Dr. karan Gosai
40 Dr. Vivek Choudhary
37-41 Dr. Nitesh
61 Dr. Dhruven Ponkiya
67 Dr. Krishna
71 Dr. Kunal Pisre
72 Dr. Nitin Gangwar
76-80 Dr. Hari
77 Dr. Lokender Yadav
78 Dr. Rohan Shankar
83 Dr. Jay
95-99 Dr. Mahena
95-99 Dr. Amber Gupta
111 Dr. Parth Manek
123 Dr. Mohammad Jahagir
120 Dr. Naveen
125 Dr. Piyush Shukla
126-129 Dr. Sheikh Riyaz Ahmad
130-134 Dr. Vipul Patel
144 Dr. Sathish Kumar
155 Dr. Shahnawaz Hussain
159 Dr. Vinoth Prabu R
176 Dr.Praveen
167 Dr. Pankaj Kanti Dey
183 Dr. ChanDr.anshu
195 Dr. Raghuraj
196 Dr. Sonu
213 Dr. Kishan
211 Dr. Rafay Ajmal
212 Dr. Deepak Tiwari
214 Dr. Abhinav Singh
234-240 Dr. Swapnil
246 Dr. Anand Bhuktar
241-248 Dr. Karthikeyan
255-263 Dr. Pankaj
272-277 Dr. Abhinav Pandey
288-290 Dr. Barath
300 Dr. Anirban
316-320 Dr. Madhwa
321-327 Dr. Abhishek
334-340 Dr. Avinash Chana
346-352 Dr. Pradeep Jaiswal
353-363 Dr. Prasanth
353-363 Dr. Prashant Reddy
364-369 Dr. Philip Tojo
414-420 Dr. Amar Holambe
439-445 Dr. Raghu
446-458 Dr. Deepak
459-465 Dr. Suraj
466-473 Dr. Ramkrishna Chopparapu
493-503 Dr. Falgun Dhaduk
578-590 Dr. Anshuman
578-590 Dr. Raghav
713-724 Dr. Shahida Banu
790 D rIrfan Ansari
821-837 Dr. Deepak
865 Dr. Zeeshan
887-904 Dr. Sukantth
1047-1065 Dr. Mayur
1139 Dr. Nasir
1154-1168 Dr. Krishnudu
1240 Dr. Ashutosh
1700 Dr. Pramit Panigrahi
1000 Dr. Atten


Rank Name
1 Dr. Aabid Naikoo
18 Dr. Yuvraj
27 Dr. Amarsinha Shingade
28 Dr. Lakshit Tomar
30 Dr. Arun
35 Dr. Pranjal Sangole
40-44 Dr. Raj
43 Dr. Prachiti
47 Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh
51-58 Dr. Pratap
60 Dr. Anjaneya Reddy
60-66 Dr. Kishore
75-85 Dr. Vrk
75-85 Dr. Kiran
80 Dr. Chandana M S
93 Dr. Dhinesh Kumar N
100 Dr. Jeya Anand
94-98 Dr. Guru Prasad
105-110 Dr. Rahul
105-110 Dr. Sai Ram
111-116 Dr. Firdous Ahmad Dar
112 Dr.  Sree Kumar BalaBranchramanian
117-120 Dr. Raju
129-134 Dr. Deepthi
148-153 Dr. Suhail Nazir
167-175 Dr. Pratik Paul
188-194 Dr. Manish Kumar
213-221 Dr.  Kanti
246-252 Dr. Inampudi Sravya
253-264 Dr. Poojan
253-264 Dr.  Nelluri Raghuram
272 Dr. Ashok Kulhari
274 Dr. Shiva
302 Dr. Abhishek
323 Dr. Ausaf
331 Dr. Mahena
349 Dr. Jatin Joshi
253-261 Dr. Jitena
362-376 Dr. Ajay
362-376 Dr. Ashish
377-389 Dr. Sarang Bajpai
450 Dr. Navendu Mohan
447-495 Dr.Durai Raj
510-517 Dr. Premnath
510-517 Dr. MP Prabhu
550 Dr. R  N shravan kumar
581-596 Dr. Amala Ghalsasi
648 Dr. Mareshwari
650 Dr. Sindhura
690 Dr. Angeline Mary
700 Dr. Joshua
969 Dr. Sukantth
1012 Dr. Vinay
1244 Dr. Venkat Ram
1343 Dr. Anton


Rank Name
3 Dr. Niharika
19 Dr. Sree Ganesh B
48-54 Dr. Tushar Kanta Sahoo
94 Dr. Anuj Shah
58 Dr. Nandhini
62-65 Dr. Yashwanth Kumar
66-72 Dr. Deekhsa
85-87 Dr. Anuj
126-134 Dr. Shiva
126-134 Dr. Kranthi
135-142 Dr. Jitena
143-148 Dr. Nirbhay
151 Dr. Hari Shankar BGV
149-153 Dr. Hari Shanker
154-166 Dr..Madhukar
171 Dr. Ishu
191-200 Dr. Vijay
191-200 Dr. Neetss
221-227 Dr. Priyanka
283 Dr. Karnati Praksh
281-294 Dr. Deepu Mishra
318-333 Dr. Joshua
350 Dr. Yuvi
353 Dr. Ravi BHatt
354-363 Dr. Mareshwari
385-405 Dr. Ajay
434-449 Dr. Arun Kumar
450-476 Dr. Yashasvi Patel
512 Dr. Swapnil
607-621 Dr. Nishant
709-733 Dr. Dilip
709-735 Dr. Madhukar Reddy P
745-762 Dr. Santana
798-818 Dr. Sidharth
830 Dr. Umesh Jethwani
1233 Dr. Ravi
1233 Dr. Kavi Priyan
1461-1478 Dr. Harsha
1545-1557 Dr. Sushmita
1577 Dr. Janak Thadani
1901 Dr. Vaibhav Gupta


Rank Name
17-19 Dr. Soumya Ranjan Rana
22-24 Dr. Kumar Vaibhav
45 Dr. Abbas Moaiyadi
48 Dr. Praveen kumar
49 Dr. Ankan
52 Dr. Sugat
94 Dr. vinoth prabu B
99 Dr. MahenDr.a Biradar
131 Dr. Madhur Gairola
289-300 Dr. Angaiha
320 Dr. Nikhilesh
369 Dr. Keerti
476-483 Dr. Praveen
492-502 Dr. Vivek
 492-502 Dr. Karishma Reddy
535-544 Dr. Devena
1200 Dr. Vaibhav Gupta
337 Dr. Piyush Shukla


Plastic Surgery/Paediatric (joined general surgery course)

22 Dr. Jeya(Paediatrics)
AIR-32 Dr. ASIF SHAIKH(Plastic Surgery)