Deanx Achievers 2023

DeanX Academy

Basic to best

We are so proud and happy to introduce our rank holders to you all!

Heartly congratulations to our bright students and wishing you all the success in the future.

Name: - DR. Devshree Sane

AIR: -7


Name: - DR. G Akhilesh

AIR: -28

Name: -DR.Abhinav Ananad

AIR: -162

Feedback: -

Best class currently of all classes, vinay sir is really really good, giving nearly 100-150 qs in d last week of exams helped a lot, constantly putting images and qs on d group was of great help, i wud say i had joined other test series also, but the efforts taken by vinay sir were far far more than anybody else

Name: -DR.Pankaj Jaiswal

AIR: -4

Name: - DR.Seetha G

AIR: -87

Feedback: -Thanks ... And keep it up....

Name: - DR.Nitesh Joshi

AIR: -117

Name: -DR.Umer Mushtaq

AIR: -272

Feedback: -Good revision programme from sabi and bailey..but exam also had many mcqs from schwartz..just need to increase schwartz based mcqs from sub specialities mainly

Name: -DR.Bhrigu Prajapat

AIR: -288

Name: -DR.Yash Vyas

AIR: -263

Feedback: -Overall very good.

Name: -DR.Jyotsna  Doddla

AIR: -321

Name: -DR.Praveen Kumar

AIR: -332

Feedback: -Nice experience...

Name: -DR.Davneet Singh

AIR: -381

Name: -DR.Varsha Sharma

AIR: -414

Feedback: -DEANX question bank and whatsApp group helped a lot in preparation


Name: -DR.Divya Sinhar

AIR: -478

Name: -Dr. Ankur Jain

AIR: -504

Feedback: - Mock test is amazing

Name: -Dr. Nilesh vaniya

AIR: -755