The 10 Scariest Things About Ashcatchers

The 10 Scariest Things About Ashcatchers

The 10 Scariest Things About Ashcatchers

Choosing Ash Catchers

If you're looking for an ash catcher or a percolator, you can find what you need here. There are numerous types of percolators, so you'll have the chance to find the perfect one for you. Details about each type's dimensions and weight, as well as the angle and location of the joints will be provided.


No matter if you're a novice or an experienced smoker, percolator ash catchers can increase your hit and overall smoking experience. These accessories are small and easy to clean, making them a great opportunity to test new percolators.

Usually an ash catcher is an item of glass that is placed on the joint of the water pipe. The ash catcher functions as a filter and collects most of the tar as well as other gunk from your smoke session.

Ash catchers come with a variety of forms, and come with different percolators. Some are even built-in, giving additional filters.

There are also dry ash catchers, which are perfect for children. These simple accessories use an air vacuum inside the water pipe to hold the ash in place. Some also add water which keeps the ash from getting back to the airpath.

If you're looking for the most effective Ash catcher, try one that comes with a built-in mini perc. These are great because they provide cooling as well as diffusion and Aeration.

Some ash catchers also have additional features. Certain ash catchers come with an attached funnel that permits your herb waste to be safely transported into a silicone container. Some have a built-in drain, which helps to eliminate the traces of your hits.

It is crucial to remember that a percolator ash catcher can be cleaned with alcohol. This is because the slits in the ash catcher's interior are clogged with dirt. To clean the ashcatcher, you can make use of the pipe cleaner. This will get rid of any residue that is stubborn.

Depending on the model you have, an ashcatcher may also be removable for easier transport. You can easily switch between using the catcher or not, without needing to take down the entire set.


It doesn't matter if are upgrading your water pipe or adding an Ash Catcher to your collection, it is essential to select the correct size. A catcher that is not properly sized will not just cause your water pipe to overturn but also not provide you with the full benefits of filtering.

The most effective Ash catchers made of thick, durable borosilicate glasses are the best. It's a non-toxic substance that's also easy to clean. It is also robust and lasts for years.

Before you purchase an ash catcher, think about the kind of percolator you would like to use. The correct percolator can help improve your rips. If you're looking to make an affordable upgrade to your bong, an Ash catcher is an excellent choice.

Besides style, ash catchers come in different sizes. The most popular size is 14mm. This size works with most water pipes. There are however adapters that mix pieces of different joint sizes.

18mm is the second most popular size. This is the smallest size joint and is rarely used. This is only available on small bongs. It is essential to ensure that your ash catcher is affixed to the inside of your bong. It is best to match the angle of the water pipe joint when you choose an Ash catcher. The angle will determine whether the piece will fit properly and allow you to use your bong that came in the box.

Your water pipe joint normally set up at 45-degree angles. If your pipe has an angle of 45 degrees, you'll need either a 45 or 90 degree ash catcher. An 18mm ash catch is needed for pipes with 90 degree joints.

There are many options for ash catchers based on your needs. There are many popular shapes and designs. Ash catchers can be bought in a tree- or hourglass design.


An Ash catcher is an excellent way of keeping your water pipe clear of the byproducts of smoking. It will not only shield your lungs from burning and charred, but it also keeps your water pipe free of ash.

Ash catchers are available in various shapes and bowl with ash catcher sizes. This means you can find one that fits your bong. There are many styles to pick from and include honeycomb percs and tree Ash catcher. If you want your pipe's performance to be at its best it is essential to select the correct Ashcatcher.

The ash catcher's weight is vital. A heavier ashcatcher is more likely to tip over your bong. It can also alter the balance of your pipe. Using an Ash catcher that's too heavy could pose the risk of breaking the joint.

The weight of an Ash Catcher can be determined based on its joint size. If you have a standard or medium-sized water pipe, you can use an ash catcher that is around 6 inches in height. If you have a reducer downstem beaker, you will need to choose a smaller size.

Another crucial aspect to take into consideration is the joint angle. Many ash catchers have an angle of 90 degrees. If you are seeking something that is easy to clean, this holder is a good option.

A good ash catcher must have a percolation function. This feature makes sure your dry herbs receive the most flavor and filtering. Certain ash catchers have an inline percolator, whereas others have a showerhead.

Angle of joints

The performance of the Ash catcher will be affected by the angle of the joints. This is crucial as the ash catcher needs to be easily fit within the water pipe. The angle should be between 45 and 90 degrees. It may be necessary to have an ashcatcher with an angle different from the bong that you have.

The joint on the ash collector should be the same as the joint on the water pipe. The ash catcher can't function properly if it isn't. An adapter can be used to resolve the issue. There are adapters available to accommodate pieces with different joint dimensions. You may also want to think about the gender of the joints. This is important since designers often design pieces in accordance with the gender of the joints.

The 14mm joint is the most popular. The second most sought-after joint size is 18mm. You can also purchase adapters to connect pieces of different sizes. If you have an ashcatcher of 14mm and wish to use an 18mm pipe, you will require an 18mm joint. A pre-cooler can be purchased to replace the percolator of the bong.

For water pipes, the best angle is 45 degrees. You'll also require an ash catcher bowl with ash catcher (read page) a 90-degree angle if you are using a straight tube bong. A bubble bong also require 90-degree angles. The angle can be determined visually.

You should also check the joint's diameter. The ash catcher will become too heavy to lift if it is too large. Also, be sure to verify the proportions between your water pipe and the joint.

Illadelph ash catchers

Making a change to your ashcatcher is an expensive venture, so it's best to spend the time to get it right. Illadelph is a brand that stands for quality glass and has been a pioneer in the field of smoke for years. They pay close attention to the process of manufacturing. Alongside the numerous glass products they make they also have created an array of unique smoke accessories. The Illadelph Ashcatcher is among our top smoke accessories.

The Illadelph Ashcatcher offers all the benefits of an e-cigarette, with the addition of a splash guard. The ashcatcher is constructed from clear glass and is available in a variety of colors. The Illadelph Ashcatcher is a must have for both connoisseurs and smokers. The Illadelph Ash Catcher is a great accessory for your next road trip. The Illadelph Ashcatcher is backed by a lifetime warranty and is extremely easy to clean. Cloud 9 Smoke Co offers great deals on Illadelph Ash Catchers as well as other accessories. The Illadelph Ashcatcher will make your journey to marijuana bliss enjoyable. With a lifetime guarantee, you'll never have to worry about replacing the glass on your Illadelph ash catcher.

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